April 7, 2018--Behaviorial Health in Primary Care Workshop--Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Oct. 18, 2018--4th Annual Behaviorial Summit--Best Cases...Start with You and Me

Judicial Commission on Mental Health Summit Reports (October 22-23, 2018 in Houston, Texas):

Engage & Excel 2018 (October 23-25, 2018 in Houston, TX):

Session 1:  Drug Trends in Texas
                       HB 13: Progress Thus Far
                       School Mental Health Centers--Ecological Model of Care: Healing for Success
                       Statewide Behavioral Health Strategic Plan 

Session 2:  Managing Care of Complex Populations with Substance Use Disorders
                       SB 292: Progress Thus Far
                       San Antonio Congregations involved in Faith-Related Mental Health Initiatives

Session 3:  Outpatient Competency Restoration: Practical Views, Consideration, and Perspectives
                       Redesigning the Front End of the Emergency Response System

Session 4:  Treating the Opiate Epidemic
                       Speciality Care Trauma

                       Value-Based Payment Models in Texas Medicaid Managed Care

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